Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Vet and room stuff

Took Richard to the vet today. seems he caught some stomach bug that's making him feverish and sick... poor thing, He couldn't even hold his bodily fluids in. Vet gave him a few shots and tablets to feed to him. :: rubs face :: yeah am not really much of a ... well let's just say I'm not too happy today.... that's part of the reason...

Other part being... weather... :: grumble :: not too peachy when you are doing something like hanging up objects in your room.. I've mucked up two posters and my whiteboard because I thought they looked straight, but when I walk off and look at them from a distance... WOW are they ever slanted!! and not just at a tiny angle you can't notice....the eye sight in my right eye is way worse than my left one when allergies strike so yeah...

Some brighter news....think I'm done hanging up posters and stuff in my room, tomorrow starts the "clean up the mess" part of the process....wait.. bright side..?

And.. whu.. I got the BravoFleet XO in my simm... O_o wonder if I should worry..

and.. something random...


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