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Daily business and CO Academy sample writing

Took the posters off my walls...most of them.. decided I needed to change a few things around , so here I am.. 1000pm and I'm still moving stuff around and putting posters up.. I still gotta put up my white board as I've decided to put it up further than it was before. Been at it since pretty much 4pm...

before that I was doing the CO Academy assignments, I've done all of them except one, the final writing assignment, where I'm stuck slightly.

here's what I got so far:

Final Writing Assignment: (believability is a main issue)
For this Assignment I'll start it and I would like you to finish it. Include other characters in your writing and make sure to keep true to Bravo Fleet nature. Use all of the resources previously given to create accurate information. Email the completion of the post to Make sure to specify at the top of your email what TF or Affialiate you are from so the proper instructor grades your assignment.


“Captain, we have a message coming in from Admiral Rotar.” Came a voice from the Operations station.

Jackie nodded lightly. She got up from the chair.


The screen changes to show a man in his late thirties, in an Admiral's uniform. In the Command Chair of a Defiant Class Starship. Admiral Rotar stands up, he smiles to his XO, saying something about the replicators. Then, he turns to face the viewscreen.

“Good Morning, Lieutenant. We have new orders for you - there's a federation starship. The USS Selfless . We haven't heard from her in several days, and she isn't answering hails. We need you to Investigate, Secure the Selfless. Any Questions?” Rotar spoke.

Jackie furrowed her eyebrow a little, taking in the information. “ Any support? We'll get the job done.” She said

“You’re the only Starfleet vessel in the area, you have your orders. We have detected some large scale Krazzle readings in the sector. Tensions have been very high since the war between the Federation and the Krazzle ended. Good Luck Lieutenant, Godspeed.” Rotar said.

The channel went dead.

Jackie looked askance at the view screen, thinking about what she’d just been told.

“Helm…Set a course. Warp 4” she said turning on her heel, her tail swishing behind her. Jackie narrowed her eyes. “Gibbs, you have the bridge. I’ll be in my ready room” she said, her eyes flashing with determination to find the answers to the puzzle just laid out in front of her.

With that the feline headed for her ready room, allowing her XO to take command of the bridge.

Jackie sat down behind her desk, setting a mug of raktajino on one side. Her knowledge on the Krazzle was limited, in order to face them she would have to know more than she already did. She called up the relevant information on her console, and began reading.

“The first contact between the Federation and Krazzle Empire was made by the Pegasus-A and Bonaventure when they were answering a distress call from a Raeyan Freighter in 2374. Their space is between Sector 349, Raeyan Space, and Borg space. We have evidence that the Borg attacked them once, but the Krazzle fought them off and weren’t assimilated. We also know the Krazzle have no contact with the Dominion.
They are a warrior race, comparable to the Klingons and Jem'Hadar in many areas, better in others. Strong, fast, aggressive. They have the appearance of a cat-like ancestry. Ears on top of their head, short whiskers, tan/orange color. Some describe them as tigers, with no fur. Large hands, almost paw like.”

Jackie almost smiled. She had a certain advantage here, considering who she was.

She read on, preferring not to jump to conclusions and get excited before she knew all the relevant details. She was particularly interested in what sort of weapons they used and what sort of weaknesses they had.

They use a type of plasma beam as their primary weapon. This beam is about as strong as the Type XX Phaser Cannon on the Galaxy Dreadnought and Europa Class ships. Plasma cannon use superheated metallic particles inside a guide field bypassing the light speed problems with mass weapons. The combination is very powerful, with a longer range than phasers and gives a kinetic as well as napalm like strike that continually eats at what it strikes. They also have a type of torpedo, much like Borg torpedoes, however the Krazzle use NO Borg weapons or technology. Their shields are comparable to the Dominion's in strength, however the Krazzle have no contact with the Dominion, yet. Another type of weapon they frequently employ are mines. The mines contain several magnetic metals polarized. Generating the correct magnetic field, which will repulse them, can clear them.

Jackie paused, thinking this one over. Assessing the threat level.

‘a formidable enemy…’ Jackie mused to herself, taking a sip of her raktajino as she glanced at the weapons data once again. Having a tactical/security background, Jackie was quite attracted to analysing missions from the point of view of how much fire power the enemy had had and for how long the Horizon could stand up to them in a fire fight should the need for one arise.

Jackie re-read the information once again before moving on to their weaknesses.

Sensors: far weaker than Federation’s in range and detection ability. Also, they'd NEVER see a cloaked ship.
Their Engineering skills are poor too. Their power grids are a mess, poor power distribution and output. Needless to say, their engineering skills are sub-par.”

Jackie narrowed her eyes. That was a good sign, it seemed.

‘We’d know where they are before they can spot us’ she thought, nodding her head to that, as she mused it over.

Jackie thought the situation over, recalling her orders. Investigate and secure the USS Selfless, whilst try not to annoy the Krazzle anymore than they had to. She wasn’t about to start a war.

Lt. Jackie Clawson
Commanding Officer
USS Horizon – A
Task Force 17

Your job is to finish this off. HINT: Reading the information on the Krazzle will benifet you. Also what else is going on in your ship.

uh yeah....not quite sure what to do next there... grammar and whatnot errors aside, I'm not looking at those until it's finished. Right now i'm more concerned about the story-line and where to go with that...and whether it makes sense.

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