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to CO or not to CO... why YES! and I think I'll join the madness too!

scroll down to USS Horizon.. ;) :: big grin :: I've still gotta go through the Academy but hopefully will get that sorted out within a week... (as well as built the site and start recruitin' crew) yeah.. went with the Intrepid class, they've got more.. uses so to speak.

and I've also joined the Nimitz. but I'm taking a lighter side there.. Chief Security and my character will be somewhat of a ... clutz/accident prone/avid coffee drinker/guy who gets himself into trouble without really asking for it.

How typical of me.. offered a choice, I take BOTH options if I can...let's hope I won't wine about it later on if it starts taking up my time like this stuff did four years ago... well...I was in about 15 simms then, now I'm only in 4-5. So I guess it's better.

edit: I proudly present the USS Horizon website:
Still a work in progress, but it's mostly up... :) Yayness
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