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Daily rambles of a caffeine deprived weirdo

Parents decided it would be a good idea to go to the beach.. when it's windy...needless to say when we got back home I had to kick the sand outta my ears and off myself for quite awhile...silly sticky beach sand... erf...don't wash off easily, you kinda gotta scrub it off...tho it's the sea water that makes it sticky granted...

Came back home, got to work on my part of the group report which we're supposed to give in on Monday...Darky came up at 5PM and was like "Write an essay for's due tomorrow" Gee.. thanks for the heads up! I got my own report to finish and hand in on Monday.. he just comes up to me NOW and tells me to write the shtupid thing....topic? Information Systems Management...something to do with Supply Chain Management...I've done 3500 words so far... X_x, in between running back to my own stuff.. hence why I'm still at the computer at nearly midnight, normally I'm in bed reading at this time...

In slightly other news...bought some stuff for my car today. Nothing major, just basic... tissues and a sun shade.. need an air freshner, but nothing with too strong a scent as that'll make my allergies go outta whack.. I was in the shop looking at them today and my eyes got really itchy.. :: twitch ::

Oh and... IT'S RAINING HERE! :: Facefault :: silly weather! SETTLE DOWN ALREADY!

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