Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Bugger I think I've caught a cold or something somewhere.. my throat feels scratchy...

And apparently we got a bit of a serial killer running around in Sharjah, stabbing people in the back with knives.. some weirdos after European looking people... extremist weirdo of some sort... :: shakes head:: course local paper is hush hush about it, that is....until they arrest 'im.... You know sometimes it's good not to tell people what's going on, but this is ludicrous! If they don't know there's a threat and continue thinking it's a safe place, one day this strategy is going to come back and bite the government in the butt in a hard way.

:: pause:: "Doomsday is coming" oh PUUUHLEASE!

swear the local paper reads like the National Enquirer or one of those cooky newspaper things...

edit: and look.. we're gettin' a railway here of sorts to deal with the congestion of traffic we got at the moment.. they oughta limit the number of cars a family can have... now it's like every father, mother, son , daughter and pet have two cars each in some families.. (two is the limit)

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