Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Uni = goofing off ; home = goofing off. Oh yeah..

Mother... I don't sit on my butt and watch the sun shine all day long when I'm at university....nor do I sit on the compute and chat/play games when I come home...

And joy.. it's gonna rain tomorrow.... >.< peachy... does explain my allergies flaring up an hour or so ago though... darnit!

For some weird reason my right eye's twitching as well...slightly annoying that one....strained muscles in there apparently. had that before, eye Doc gave me eye drops that relax the muscles (orwhatever they're called) in the eye at night.

Bugger of a day tomorrow...

Oh and.. performance appraisals... new thing implemented at work... yikes...I've never done one... >.< gonna have to sit down and look through that sometime...
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