Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Daily stuff thing....

Weather looks like it's settling in... I finally didn't have to concentrate too much on my meds today!

catching up with college work.. sort of..we're nearly done with the group report, which is cool, as it's due in a week's time...

Me and Ma'chello went over to Magrudy's today. I picked up my order that's been lying around there for months now...Ma'chie picked up 'er order...we went to lunch afterwards, shocked the heck outta Ma'chello for drinking a huge mug of coffee without even blinking...muahaha...

I'm a tad tired though..X_x okay for some weird reason my right wrist is rather weaker than usual... might have to dig up my wrist support for a few days there..although shaking my hand really vigorously helps relieve it for a while, but I can't do that too often, as that'd get me weird looks at uni and such..

Gonna go hit the sack... tried catching some TV last night, but dozed off in the middle of something... oy..
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