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DH Retreat and a meme

Wow.. I'm pooped ...and excited at the same time.. the view is great from up there! course when you're on top of a mountain.. heh.. I mean wow...

I always seem to come back more... animated from these things though.. I find that I use my hands more in a "directing" way when I sing a song now.

although just about every muscle in my body hurts after all the exercising and whatnot...well mostly the dancing I did last night after we wrapped the sessions for the night.... :: Sweatdrop:: course... 15 women in a bar... (with nine locals watching....) even better 15 women who sing barbership style music in a bar! WHOO! Did we ever take the stage over!

i couldn't resist at one stage and took over the stage and did a "Dancing Queen" solo... ^_^; followed by "Man! I feel like a woman" and the chorus sung a few songs as well... "It's Raining Men!" , "Sisters are doing it for themselves" , "This is the way that I feel today" ... and another song I can't remember right now...

Boy I'm gonna wake up sore tomorrow.. my right wrist is actually quite stressed out right now. I can see the veins sticking out...wonder why...though I think I know... worked too much with my wrist, though I dont' know, directing moves aren't supposed to be THAT stressful on the wrist unless I overdone it..

Sadly now it's back to real life and a bunch of assignmets and other issues to deal with.. oy

Meme swiped off of... someone.. I lost track of because of the backlog of LJ entries I had to go through to catch up after my trip... sorries!

Daniel Jackson!
Daniel Jackson! When Danny ascended at the end of
season 5, you knew everything was right and
good because the sun really *did* shine out of
his ass!

What is your Stargate Obsession?
brought to you by Quizilla

Surprise surprise.. :P


You scored as Female. Awww, your such a doll! So beautiful and wonderful, just like a mother. Ya must be a female.








Male or female?
created with

Can I say "d'oh" ?

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