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Oy... well today was.. weird.. hectic.. I'm wondering if I am on my way to getting an ulcer before I turn 22... though granted things kinda calmed down and resolved themselves sort of...the voice lesson got cancelled as Ase isn't well, which is understandable...I worked a couple of hours at the library...then went over to Al Ain with the guy with the risers... didn't get back home until 8pmish though...

Funnily I was awake since 3 am, trying to figure out what to do.. as I've had three things happening all at once almost... or so close to eachother I didn't have a safety margin in terms of time...and I hadda do all of 'em...oy vey... now I think I know why no one's too eager to take on Operations Team Leader job...I kinda inherited it after the other co-leader left the chorus because she had to move out of the country....

Tomorrow and day after.. retreat.. yay I's fun to get outta the house, but at the same time... I don't know.... meh.. guess we'll see... any day or two I can get away from my parents is a good day either way ^^

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