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daily junk....

urgh.... two powershortages in one day.. that is at least two.. one was when I was still home.. second one was when I wasn't home, but I came home to find my computer off which implies a power shortage as my parents never turn my PC off...(I hide to OFF switch. :P jk)

Rather curious... everytime I carry my laptop with me I end up with a really weak wrist afterwards from all the carrying around I have to do in uni... weirder still is that the number of books and such I handle at a time every day at the library exceeds the weight of the laptop..yet it doesn't affect me...O_o

Allergy news, I've not called the doc yet...they seem to have started to calm down a bit, weather's getting more stable as well...I've not thrown up today or had a nosebleed in quite a few days, which is good.. still can't make decent sense if I start to explain something... bugger..

this is gonna be one wild next few days... retreat and such.. I found a company that would tranport the stuff back and forth for only $150 bucks (both ways) ... going with that.. on Wednesday, but I also have my voice lesson with Ase who's came over here for the retreat... so I may have to get someone to deal with them as I can't really miss the voice lesson.. and I can't really miss the risers getting transported off to Al Ain if no one else can make it... O_o gah... talk about a dillema....
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