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You tell 'em once you tell 'em several times... they STILL don't listen

and click on weird stuff that comes in an e-mail which unleases a bug on a comptuer... thought he could click on a link that came from someone Darky knows (but the mail had no subject line or anything in the message aside that link.....tell me that's not a tell tale sign of something fishy even if it comes from a person you know....I mean these days you are better off assuming the worst when it comes to these things than thinking that it's something safe....

Turned out it was a Trojan...I spent a good five hours trying to get the darned thing out (it restarted the computer several times just as Norton caught it via a scan/I was deleting it from the directory it was in...sneaky little thing...) I think I contained it and it didn't send anything to whoever it was supposed to...I had the computer disconnected from the Internet and the LAN whilst I was containing it to prevent it from spreading/sending stuff out...

Ain't something you wanna deal with before your mornin' coffee... definitely...

This brings back my Nimda fightin' days... :: twitches ::

And Darky spilled tea on the keyboard there last night and the git didn't clean it up so you have to really bash the keys in so they'll respond.. moron, could've at least wiped it off! SHEESH.

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