Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Grandma just left.. dropped her off at the airport... ::twitch:: why do old people think by 21 you have to be married and raising kids?! Uh ya... I so have enough time to have a LIFE right NOW!

aiy... last four days just FLEW by... and I'm tired beyond tired (if that's possible... well I just spent a minute or so trying to spell "possible" my fingers just dont' wanna type properly anymore...not to mention they just don't wanna do anything anymore... oy vey...)

tomorrow... going to Al Ain in the morning with the management team from the chorus... then going to get a hair cut if we get back in time then accy tutorial... then home.. I hope...

X_x FCOL... :: goes to kill Darky's phone so he'll stop playing with ring tones :: git says he's saving money? then he goes out and buys an $800 phone/PDA... uh ya.. savin' money.. suuuuuure....

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