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:: GASP:: I almost missed updating a day in my LJ! Th' horror..... [/drama]

Didn't have time to get onto a computer long enough to do anythign vital during the day... work then DHC rehearsal.....before work I hadda get color passport photos done (some for DHC others for the International passport) and yadda yadda.. OY! PLus Darky picked me up with his GF and after driving like a maniac and enjoying themselves the finally went home.. hence why I'm home so late.... :: pout::

Dad decided to go with mom today.. :: sigh:: which means I'm left alone with Darky yet again... ( I hate the set up already) ::pouts::

Gotta do tons tomorrow too... pick up my shoes for the Chorus performances, try to meet up with a tailor to get my costume for DHC done as well.. aiye..... plus classes and work..I'll see how it'll go tomorrow....


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