Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

SIlly me..should've said it yesterday, but I'm not exactly sure what happened...

two things..

one: - I finally got my driving licence for ten years. It not expires in October 2014. (no idea where I'll be by then, but who knows.. )

two: - I'm getting really irritated with people who talk loudly in quiet places! :: grumble, glare, beat up mentally :: Was trying to write some of my Stargate fic on the bus, but no... we got two morons there who have to yell on the entire bus and the chick laughs like a horse! more annoying they were sitting right behind me, which made it even more irritating...

Thank God I carry my MP3 player with me and can turn up the volume really loudly so at least it covers up the noise...shoots my concentration from whatever I'm doing to bits though.. but eh.. I think I'm going to try something Stargate-ish today on the way back home so I can try writing some...

Threw a few more ideas around with kristensk I want to make sure it makes sense before I start writing more dialogue at this stage, as well as advancing the plot more. I'd like the fic to make sense at least on some level. even if it is based on a TV show and Stargate isn't exactly hundred percent explainable. I feel better if I stick with the canon and generally treat my stuff as 'part of the show' in terms of what happened, if I'm writing my own series that span from the original universe. I mean the thing can take place between episodes of the orignal show. I'm weird that way... personal quality control I guess... which is weird considering I rarely let my fics out in public....And I've never written a Stargate fic before now, so...

uh.... Jessie rambing.. Jessie need coffee... STAT! :: twitch ::

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