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Yadda yadda yadda

wow.. um... I mean... whoa...

productive day of sorts.. read a few chapters for data communications, leafed my accounting slides to skim through them for Sunday.

Tomorrow gotta go to the police station to get my licence.. ten years I hope.. THIS time.. :: grumble ::

LOL @ latest episode of Survivor. (not that I watch it, it's on in the background on TV now)

[Survivors] ::paddling in boats on open waters in Palau::
[Jeff] The flag's *that* way!

I don't know it's just the way he says it, like 'hello, you people! open waters, can't you see the flag there? we're on an island = water all around. no? Flag's THATA way! see that brightly colored thing bobbing up and down? go that way'

You know funny... how many seasons Survivor's been on.. and NO ONE FIGURED OUT/LEARNED HOW TO MAKE FIRE! HELLO?! If you're gonna go on such a show, where you get to be stuck on an island with no supplies, at least learn how to make fire! For cryin' outloud! But I betcha they're thinking 'oh someone on there will learn how to do it' and yeah...

I should've left Third Rock from the Sun video in...

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