Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Daily shtuff

I'm getting my networking classes flashbacks... we did error control and flow control and wave modulation stuff today ::twitches:: but hang on.. this is supposed to be BUSINESS oriented class, nothing technical... oi... oh and "well we think this is how the process works" yeah but what if it doesm't? why are we learning that it works that way and then it turns out it works a completely different way?

Lead section rehearsal went over nicely... i'm surprised I remember the words to songs we're supposed to have off paper in two weeks. :: dance::

tomorrow... accy lecture... still gotta read the chapter....I zipped over the slides the other day... but still...

:: head desk :: so tempting to scratch the side of my neck to bits... stupid rash...tho' it's not as annoying now, but the right side of my neck looks weird right now...good thing I'm wearing high colared stuff these days.
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