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Cleaned up my room somewhat. Dusted and stuff arranged mainly ...cleaned up my PC as well. Defragged and stuff sorted out; programs that I'm not using removed. I know I'm just putting off a reformat here... but meh.. Downloaded more wallpaper to my phone.

Darky got some big assignment thing due next week; guess who gets to do the research and write the thing up? :: points to self :: yup.

For some weird reason I got a rash on my neck... it's reddish tiny spots that itch like heck! Wonder what happened there, and where I got it from... oy...

Dad's other friend and my grandma are coming out on the 18th...19th is the day I gotta go back to Sharjah Police to renew my licence (for 10 years this time, hopefully; which reminds me need passport sized photos, only got two left, they'll need 4 for some reason...)

Dad agreed to drop me off at uni/section rehearsal tomorrow, so I won't have to go by the 0600 bus.. yay...
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