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Oh great.. going to a bar with parents and dad's friends tonight.... ::twitch:: his friends leave tomorrow, so yeah... I don't like bars... but I gotta go.. family thing... :: grumble ::

CNNs five day weather report for Dubai doesn't look *too* peachy for my allergies...changes from 75 to 55F in one day, possible rain on Monday...urgh...

still pondering that eye doctor appointment for next week. Maybe I should move soemwhere were the weather's... stable throughout the year...

darn my body for being so resistant to most medication...I've no idea how many allergy meds I've switched thus far, and the ones I'm currently on are supposed to be the strongest ones. (Albeit it's a mix of things, not just one thing...) I got a little bag I carry around with me that has all my eyedrops and stuff... I'm doomed if I forget it and am out of the house for a day...

Got myself a Migrastick thing the other day, roll on thing you apply to temples/forehead when you get a migrane. Herbal stuff.. I've not tested it out yet though...but it's in there with my allergy meds...just in case...

Need to read the chapters for BUSS for Saturday...
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