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Loosing sleep yet again, I've kinda been going to bed (because of one thing or another) at late times... 3-4 in the morning, and I'm up by 6-7 the next day... 8 the last two days really... I dont think my body could take it anymore.. heh...

Allergies kinda snuck up on me and WHAMMO...completely unexpected, well no not really...felt the irritation in my eyelids followed by the headache which I ignored, then when that turned into a migrane and I just *had* to get away from the computer.... Weather went down to chilly again, it was getting warmer over the last few days, today it got cloudy/moody again.. argh.. wish it'd make up it's mind... gonna drive me insaneR...

Kinda sucks how allergies end up disabling me like that for a few hours, thus wasting productive time...I'm tempted to make an appointment to see my eye doctor next week so she can prescribe something else for me or something...

Post effect of meds: cloudy head, and a general feeling of "where am I?" once in a while... little lapses in memory... like what was I doing just now? oh and rambling, for no reason.. definitely.. not that i don't ramble for no reason at all times anyway... and no I'm not high on coffee, only had 4 cups today...and a can of Mountain Dew... or was it two? tho if I wouldn't have it I'm sure I'd kinda be all 'bleh/sleepy' now, which I'm not.. maybe it's not a good thing..O_O

you know mebbe being sleepy would actually be a good thing... I dont' know....

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