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I think it's either all those late nights, or lack of coffee....but I slept in today because of my allergies spiking up again (I think it was allergies anyway, my eyes felt like they were about to pop out if I kept them open.....eyelids were red as well.. kinda icky..aiy.. not a good feeling either...) I went back to bed after midday and slept until abuot 3PM (good thing this week I don't have a class, I do next week tho')

Took my meds...eyedrops and Tylenol for my head... not that much help...maybe I need to change meds again...because I don't think it's okay if the eyedrops just work for ten minutes to half an hour then wear off... it's annoying when you're working or at a lecture...

wasn't a completely wasteful day though.. I did manage to send off a few e-mail to chorus members, including my operations team. so that's all good...not sure how much sense I made, I think I rambled on in there for pages and pages...

got slides for the entire semester for ACCY231 and BUSS312, printed them off, I just have to get them bound tomorrow...

and Richard's commandeered my bed again.. my pillow to be exact.... :: siiighs ::

edit at 2328: and I forgot to press the little "Update Journal" button there ... doped up on meds can't you tell?

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