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One of the tutorials may move from Wednesday to Sunday, which is better for me, I get to have Wednesday off instead of coming to uni at 1230 for a 1630 class

Got together with Ma'chello there, had some lunch and talked about stuff.

Classes and the usual mumbo jumbo...

Then chorus management meeting...

Wow am I ever pooped... busy day, well half day, really, but still..

my eyes are extremely sore, and the eyedrops didn't help that much, only for about 10 minutes...don't think it's allergies, just general stress-related thing....

You know it's funny, we just started a new semester, you'd think I'd be rested and not too stressed, but nopes... not happening this time around..

think my coffee reserves have ran dry, I only had like 2 cups today.. I know I know.. SHOCK SHOCK HORROR HORROR!

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