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Mom leaving tomorrow to (try to) sort out my passport..... hope they wont' have to have me present there, I can't leave this place now (even though I'd like to; going back to solve a passport problem isn't what I had in mind for my "I want out of this place" mood)

On another note.. YAY... Finally found the DS9 Model on eBay placed by someone who ships worldwide! now to see if I can win it at a reasonable price. (will probably end up paying a fortune for the shipping, but....)

Got midterms next week... :: sigh :: one on Sunday, one on Thursday, and an unconfirmed one no idea when......gotta study 11 chapters for Marketing, 6 for Databases, and 7 for Networking.... UGH.

I've been reading up on network security and ethics in the comptuer world and such... very interesting.... I got a book called "Hacking Exposed" I haven't read it fully, but I leafed through it; very curious.

I requested a few books from the library as well. One on Cybercrime, the other on
Free experssion in the age of the internet, as well as one more I can't recall the title of. D'oh! Oh well.. we'll see what happens with those.

The Art of Deception that I requested is goin' great, the Dean read it! Go figure! I requested a copy from a bookshop for myself as it's quite an interesting read and I wasn't able to finish it all because Karl asked me if he could take a look at it and borrow it after I'm done and of course I gave it to 'im thinking I'll read it later. (Like there's a chance of that happening now that everyone on the staff wants to read the darned thing!)

Am I rambling? Why YES! See I lead such an 'exciting' life I talk about nothing else but books!


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