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Okay.. need some feedback on an article I'm working on for a journal/magazine, that I gotta submit on Wednesday. (Meeting with the editor then)

Topic is coping with study loads and whatnot, but I decided to take a slightly different approach (which was okay with student services, so here I am)

Note: Sarcasm intended, I gave up trying to keep it out in the first paragraph. I want my cynical side back!
We’ve all heard the “study hard”, “read all chapters”, “take extensive notes”, “attend the lectures” advice. Some of us have even got the extra step to read up on the multitude of ways on how to do all those things such as taking notes in class. Some students do apply these techniques and more, most others; however resort to lazier ways of ‘studying’ (i.e. reading the power point slides a day/an hour before the exam)

I don’t know how the proccess is like in other universities, but over at UOWD we get a week off for a study break right before the final exams. Wait a minute…study break…right before the final exams? Now is that a good idea? When any prospective student hears the word ‘break’ in any sentence, they ignore anything said before and after the word ‘break’ and focus on the word ‘break’! Yes, so during study breaks you get people going out of the country, sleeping in, etc. In other words: do anything but work/study and use their brains…(granted that last one can apply even when one’s taking a break but that’s another article altogether.)

Now here’s my question: Who was the wise guy who put the two words together in the first place? ‘study’ and ‘break’. If he thought it would grab people’s attention, he was wrong. First of all ‘study break’ is an oxymoron: a phrase which contradicts itself. You can’t study and have a break at the same time. (Unless you’re in some upside down universe…not that this world’s right side up, mind you) Second of all it’s human nature for most college students to miss out the ‘study’ part of the sentence there and do what every human wants to do once in a while – take a break.

Of course taking a break results in realization that you’ve yet to study for your finals once the time for finals come, because during the break you thought you had all the time in the world to study. Sound familiar? It should! And I’m sure most of you know what that’s called -- Procrastination. Or the “I’ll do it later because I have enough time to do it in” approach. Any student attending any university has the potential to be a good student; some find the subjects boring and dry as a bone, others just get stuck in the fallacy that we all seem to have enough time to do everything. We don’t. Curious that by the time we die, our “to do inbox” will still be full of stuff we’ve put off doing for ages, only, guess what…you’ve ran out of time to do the stuff in at this stage!

Time doesn’t procrastinate, people do. So next time you see the words "study break" in any given sentence, do feel free to tell your brain to shut up and read the entire line first before jumping to conclusions on what to do.

Any changes I oughta make? Anything sounds overboard/outta place? Anything can be made 'funnier'? Look okay generally?

Edit: This isn't for a scholary journal or anything of that sort, hence why the mood of this thing isn't all serious/down to earth. (I can be down to Earth, honest! :P when I sleep I'm down to Earth)

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