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Will they ever make up their minds?!

I always get a headache when I try to sort out my enrolment stuff..especially when one person tells you to take one thing and another one tells you to take another thing, then in the end you're all "what do I do?!?" (just like diet books, one tells you to stay off the carbs the other one tells you to fill up on carbs.. so what do you do in the end? EAT DUST!)

now they're saying I have to take ACCY102 before I can take ACCY231.. and ACCY231 is only offered this semester, so if I take ACCT102 now I won't be able to take ACCY231 until next year.. but...I've been told I don't need ACCY102 at all because it's not a requirement for my program, however the enrolment system says otherwise ::twitch twitch ::

it's like.. you call one number, they tell you to call another number which tells you to call another number and that tells you to call the first number.. and.. ARGH... ::Twitch twitch twitch ::
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