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yeah.. stupid... biological ...'s still blah, as is the rest of me. No nosebleeds today though! Which is a good thing... now stuffy head, cold hands and a right wrist that's particularly complaining because of the weather.... ugh....allergies managed to KO me for a few hours yet again...

oh and mom managed to get on my case yet again... this time about being lazy and not helping her around the house... okay granted, I washed the dishes but didn't put them away; left them to dry then went to lie down for a bit and managed to get KOed by allergy meds again.. what was I supposed to do? get up and put the dishes away? just because when she walked in on me I was already awake and just lying on my bed answering an SMS that woke me up...erf...bad timing... but I ain't gonna argue, let her think whatever she a headache bad enough, don't want it worse by arguing....

and I had a really weird dream whilst I slept...can't remember the details, but yeah... it was one of those that leave you with a weird feeling in your stomach...go figure...

I think I'm going to turn in earlier today. Not that that will help, I'll be up at 6:45 at the latest because of the construction work going on outside....oy....

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