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Daily junk and... VH1....

Okay so it rained here... HEAVILY! Knocked out my Showtime LNB there for awhile....though it works now so it was just the interference with the rain, nothing else.... phew... heh..

spent the day pretty much keeping the water out of the house, outta the windows and weird places that we didn't even know were leaking...>.<

Allergies spiked up a bit, put eyedrops in, that kinda knocked me out for an hour or so...d'oh... but considering the way I've felt the entire day I'm kinda thankful for that little nap there...

Now got VH1 on, it's weird that I know the lyrics to most 70s songs they're playing on VH1 not familiar with most 90s stuff...sad part? I wasn't even BORN in the 70s.... :: twitch ::
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