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Hey burstsk guess which ep of Megas they showed here today? :P Coop D'Etat ;)

In other news, finally tested my wireless joystick with my Star Wars Racer game...yeah ancient game by today's standards, but it's just about the only racing game I'd play...and what'd you know i still got my touch of beating the crud outta the racers in there and coming up with best times, then trying to beat said best times... course I play at the Winner Takes All settings...and after I'm through with all my racing courses I go through them again beating my own records...control with a joystick is a tad tricky, they're sensitive at times...but that fact that all the buttons you need are on there and right there within easy reach, it's allright...

put up my curtain holders today...finally managed to dig up the right sized bolts to do it with...
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