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Wowie... work was rather nifty although a tad... well not tiring, just... busy... went through the computer section to remove any ancient books on that subject. Pulled off and deleted a good 50 items. (older editions of titles and such, we decided not to keep anything older than two editions of the same title. )

Chorus rehearsal went pretty nice..albeit I sorta lost my voice half way through.. darned throat... and it rained quite hard outside as well by the end of the rehearsal, so it was quite.. chilly...

overall not a bad day, albeit a tad hectic and I didn't have much time to sit down to get my head on straight at work today. All hail double shifts ^^ ha ha!

About the only downside is my nose keeps bleeding because of the cold/hot shifts in weather... oy! mind you it's not too bad..just annoying 's all...

Gave in six of my articles to Linda today. She seemed quite pleased about that. It wasn't anyting long, but the journal doesn't want anything long anyway so yeah.. Now I need to throw my head around and write one that they gave a topic for. Coping with study loads and such. I think I'm gonna take a ride into the 'procrastination' of things and cramming an hour before the exam; as an example of what not to do... but sadly almost everyone does it anyway.. must kill procrastination yes... I mean look I'm procrastinating starting the darned article as is! D'oh

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