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Me, setting standards? Did I hear that right?

Talked with Karl today. (my IACT teacher) He really likes my posts on WebCT, despite the fact that I managed to get into a small 'fight' with someone regarding what was said by that person. Karl just went "you just can't do anything without getting into a fight, can you?" but he liked the way I went around it, said I actually set up the posting standards there (here's a newsflash!) and people actually have something to talk about because I manage to post things without stating my own opinion directly.

I mean out of 71 posts in a 50-60 students class, 17 are mine! (and they aren't two sentence long posts, that go like "y do u nat g8 yhat im 7in?" or "i dun liek diz idia coz it rally stanks dat wi cint git intu seites coz of da proxy" and more of the harder to read stuff; at least my posts can be read without squinting and trying to figure out what I'm saying!) Okay so maybe Karl's right, I'm controversial.... :: shrugs:: but I'm settin' the standards! :P

So I read a lot, 's where I get the information from...hey I'm a librarian, what do you expect?!


P.S. why do I know it that from now on whenever we say bye to eachother, Karl's gonna say "see you on the plane" and I'm going to reply with a "or in front of the deportation committee" ???

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