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Derr... we got some not so good weather down here.. windy and apparently a minor flood or two in parts of Dubai and Sharjah... http://www.gulf-news.com/Articles/HighWaves.htm Palm Island is probably going to go under, which won't surprise me.. they mess with Mother Nature and if she dont' like it she shows it...

Mom said we had dark skies in Sharjah in the morning, I was already on the way to Dubai at the time...skies were okay there for most part.

Was a tad windy though when i got to uni...

Marketing final went okay... I think I did allright. Questions weren't as hard as I'd expected although some of them were quite tricky.

Dreaded C++ final on Thursday (BLEH I say.. BLEH)

Got a haircut today.. cut my hair a bit shorter (as if you can cut it longer.. DUH Jessie!)

Working at the library (bliss I tell you! even if I had to process the Encyclopaedia Britannica set that arrived last night.) makes me wish I could live at the library.. I'd work non stop I bet.. heh.. It's funny really... I keep doing something then i go "okay one more and I'll take a break" then I keep on doing that and telling myself 'one more and I'll take a break' until I'm through with the task, then move on to another one... Stephanie asked if I wanted to go for a break, I just went "go where?" she just said "anywhere... take a break from work.." I just told 'er I already took a break when I went to get some hot chocolate from the machine outside... ^^

Now off to chorus practice...New season starts today...w00t!

Mood-wise, I think I'm okay for now...work at the library definitely helped!

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