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Organizational woes and RPG angst...

Okay mom thinks my shelves look like they're in a showroom or a library, which they shouldn't look like because it's a home.. um.. I like to keep my stuff organized that way.. what's the big deal if I got DVD shelves labelled as what's where and got a few books on "display" at the front of the shelves to cover up the spines of the books underneath? 's not wasting space.. sheesh...

not like I have all books organized by categories and each category is on a different shelf...Well my books are sort of organized by category.. just author/series for now, not doing it by Dewey Decimal (yet....)

My DVDs are organized by several categories as well.. Movies, Series, Music, Humour, Others, Documentary. and the titles are in alphabetical order in each category as well. Not like I'm organizing the stuff according to genre...

Still transferring my CD collection to my Nomad, done most of my collection thus far, of course I've been at it since 9 in the morning..crammed in studying for my marketing final between switching CDs....

And a friend of mine is trying to get me hooked on Babylon 5... well he and I are going to be working on a Babylon 5 Task Force (we generally work as a team so it's kinda...heh) now I just gotta read up on Babylon 5....

hmm.. online life taking over offline life? :P maybe not, I'll try not to let it take over my offline life..not that I have much of an offline life... aside uni...given that I got finals, I've toned down on my posting sprees on the ships I'm currently on and am not even going to look at developing Babylon5 rules until I'm done with finals and can learn more about what I'm getting into... if not I can always help 'im in the background.. you dont' really need to know the fandom that much if you're there to oversee the general operation of the task force and make sure people post and whatnot.. I've got previous experience in that, be good to put it to good use..

besides when you see people post and not even run 'em through a spellchecker... it's.. AUGH... two-three line posts with typos enough to drive you over the edge if you're a grammar/spelling junkie like yours truly...

and then there are the lines that can be taken out of context, such as -- "she realy needet a break bhut Demarco was heavy hit by a illness and the docters said to put him down"

put him down? "I'm sorry we're gonna have to put him down, we can't cure him"

That came from this post -- "Katrine have a hard time because so was getting a child and every 10 sec got to puke she realy needet a break bhut Demarco was heavy hit by a illness and the docters said to put him down and to take a rest for the time be. Katrine looks at all the work "When does it stop!!" she looks at a cadet that puts more reporst down" Must i help you sir?" She shake her head " No thanks i need to do this myself" The cadet nods "Alright how is the baby" katrine looks again to the cadeT" its groing fast" the Cadet nods nd leav's the office's" good luck sir" Katrine nods slow" that i need"

that's the entire post....and the guy who posted plays the Commanding Officer on the USS Armageddon.
Link to the forums:

wanna slap some of those people around ... I mean okay.. you're not a native English speaker, that's fine....but at least run your posts through Word spellchecker! or do something about your English skills...get help! and where does he find some of those guys?! augh :: tug at hair::

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