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Exam and other stuff

IACT303 exam...last time I'm writing a 7 page essay in two hours.. well less than two hours.... 3 parts, ten MCQs, 15 short answers and 1 essay...suffice to say my right wrist the wrist support on now...and my allergies are back again... :: grumbles ::

in other mom's weird... I told her a million times I don't like my coffee with honey because it makes me feel funny....what does she do? make my coffee with honey! and then ask me what do I mean by the taste not agreeing with my stomach... :: twitch:: what'd'ya think I mean?! OY

went to City Centre with parents after my final... (which probably aggravated my allergies, hence my grumbly attitude there...way too many people there....) bought a few things clothes-wise in Debenhams...I want green pants..... >.

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