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Met a friend's mom who came from Jordan for a business trip down here..

friend passed over a few things with her mom to give to me... Biker Mice From Mars episodes! YEY! 23 episodes on CD-Rs! Out of those I've seen only 2 episodes... so that's something else to watch when I finish my finals... Wouldn't mind getting my hands on all the episodes, as I've only got 3 on tape....(now 23 on CD-Rs as well) I've yet to see the very beginning of the series too.. like how they get here... but oh well... and there's an ep I want "Road Ravens" which I got but it's not in English, and I want it in English.. but oh well..

A few interesting facts about coffee:
- In plants, caffeine acts as a natural bug repellent. (cuz they get... hyper and dont' like the aftereffects of it? what?)
- Coffee is actually a fruit. (I suspected it...heh)

+-------------- Bizarre Holidays of January ---------------+
January 9 is Play God Day (Was that a Goa'uld who thought up of that one?)
January 10 is Peculiar People Day (Peculiar? DUUUDE)
January 12 is Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day (Fabulous Wild Men... okay the hard part is finding the Fabulous Wild Man... others are freely available.. :P)
January 14 is National Dress Up Your Pet Day (oh Richard's gonna love that one)
January 24 is Eskimo Pie Patent Day (hey burstsk just for you.. ;) )

edit: um.. what's with the flower in the smiley face?! "yay I'm a hippie!" what?

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