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Daily blurb

Did a 10 page post and about a full day voice chat with a friend from Australia (full day but we didn't talk non stop.. I'd go stark raving sane...not to mention loose my voice)

No go on the marketing report.. I'm pretty much stuck on that... it's funny.. I can't come up with a decent sentence for a business plan and can whip out half a dozen page posts for simms I'm in....

Hmmm....aside the gal who flies the ship, I'm now the Second Executive Officer aboard the USS George Bush in BravoFleet.... ^_^

Hmm.. chars I got for BF:
- 2nd Lieutenant Jolinar Freya 'Daredevil' Aldwin, Zeta Squadron Commander on the USS Atlantis (TF17)
- Basic Specialist Anise Selmak, Chief Flight Control Officer/Second Executive Officer on Armageddon (TF17)
- Lieutenant (j.g.) Jackie Davis, Chief Flight Control Officer/Second Executive Officer on the USS George-Bush (TF93)

meh.. just started getting into if a few weeks ago...I need more guys on my team tho'...but I'm not joining any more simms until I finish my finals...otherwise all I'll be doing is writing posts, and it's very tempting.. I've done that with fan fics in high school....

I really should be studying for my finals....yes...

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