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Creativity woes

OKay so one outlet for my creative writing has been me joining up 3 simms on BF... that's.. something at least, but looking back at my work from say a year and a half ago.. boy do I suck now!

once the finals are over, I should really write something...and I should look at getting my writing groove back.. as yeah...I'd say my writing style's slipped to the worst from a as soon as a year ago, definitely...which is bad.. very bad... although I suppose it shows that something within me is not 'allright' emotional state perhaps... I need to take time off and make things a little less hectic around here...

I know a year or so ago things weren't that hectic...two years ago things weren't even that hectic... now things changed.. and I think it's time things changed again, but this time for less hectic again...I need to start taking some "me" time where I can just be alone so I can write things ..although granted you can't schedule creativity, it kinda comes in bursts, and that's that...

That and I kind of need to get my mood set up straight... music...need to be in my own little world....

still pondering what to write for a Stargate fic.. i really want to write one, but I can't come up with anything decent.. and I'm not really used to writing short ones.. my fics are normally 25+ pages long.. typed up.. go figure...although I had one that went over a 100+ pages (typed up) I've no idea where that went...I was only able to recover 5 of my SK fics.. that's it.

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