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I'm sorry.. I just gotta post this...

Here's a post discussing proxy here in the Emirates for IACT201:
For or against proxy; this guy's for having a proxy that blocks access to porn as well as sites that Etisalat doesn't like (such as Christianity sites and even philosophy and basically anything that doesn't agree with them; don't ask why devil worshipping sites are ok in their books whilst Christian sites are bad! Twsited place I live in I know... I want out of here!)

Anyway, here's the post:

The only reason I can think of, for anyone to not want a proxy, is for convenience sake- both for access to unlawful and lawful material. In the case of lawful materials that are blocked, a simple request is what is required for unblocking the site. As for unlawful material, it has been clearly argued (and established, I might add) through these discussion postings that forbidding access to certain material on the internet does not forbid access to the material itself. Then why have a proxy? I too, like many other people in this group, believe that the proxy does aid in putting a limit to intentional or unintentional access of unlawful material by minors. Of course, the proxy does not forbid access to the material completely, but it definitely does help putting reasonable limits. Now, let me ask those who are against the proxy, are you willing to RISK the safety of minors just for CONVENIENCE sake?

- Nowrin Quadir

Here's my responce:

Convenience sake? How more convenient can things be when you have programs like KaZaA?! Hmmm? Porn is blocked on websites, sure, but you can get tons of hits off of KaZaA once you enter "sex" into the search field, it'll throw out thousands of results of home made videos and whatever else featuring this sort of thing, I'm sure. Even if you're looking for harmless things such as cartoons, Flintstones, etc, there are sextoons featuring those characters that kids can get exposed to. How convenient is that for the low lives who share this crap? VERY convenient; in my books.

And what does Etisalat do about illegal download programs, nothing, nada, zip. So what's the use of a proxy to block "conveniently" unlawful material, when you can turn around and start up your KaZaA/iMesh/e-Donkey/etc and get the material unlafully AND illegally at the same time? Double edged sword there. But no, Etisalat just closes it's eyes upon shareware programs, why? because they know if they manage to block those ports, many people will send them mail, call, argue, etc to reinstate that; hence why they don't want the headache; children, ethics and similar things are the LAST things on their minds, I assure you. If you think they care more about the consumers than about their own hides, you're leaving in a dream world.

Ask yourself this: If Etisalat blocks the websites why can't they block illegal download programs as well since they're the ones that clearly stand out as a threat to children? Over the past few years children/teens here in UAE are more prone to get porn and smut off of THESE programs as opposed to surfing onto a website with a proxy on.

It all comes down to critical, rational thinking as well as common sense (however uncommon that may be, sadly) whilst thinking about issues like these.



Now you know why Karl thinks I may get deported from here. (hey it's a good thing for me! :P I'd be GLAD to get outta this place!)


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