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You know I missed a day somewhere... why'd I think today was Monday and yesterday was Sunday is beyond me at this stage...but I missed out a day somewhere... :: twitch:: somehow.. oy...

Had a voice chat with Dave today.... we spent a few hours cracking eachother up whilst chatting on IRC with a group of people and doing a joint post for a simm we're both in..

I so need to get my butt over to the post office to send a few things to people... but with the weather down here, dad's not been too keen on going places...roads over here arne't built for rain, and it's been raining on and off for the past few days now...I mean our empty pool, which we emptied in September to clean and leave for the winter season, has been filled up for like... 10-15 inches of water... and issa big pool... so yeah... some roads are flooded in up until the borders...

Of course I should be complaining.. weather all around the world's whacked out...we're just getting the other end of it I guess...

it is rather cold here, if you go outside it's warmer, sheesh! Only reason I don't sleep outside it because ir's raining on and off... and yeah.. pulled out blankets and sweaters and whatnot.. still cold... Richard's all digging himself under the blankets, hiding... freezing as well.. and the guy's a long-haired type of cat! aiy

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