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Did my IACT302 presentation ..that went okay.. except for the moron who was like "can you introduce yourself?" Hey Bozo.. my name's on the slides, READ 'em! If not, I'm quite notorious througout the university either way...Only hermits don't know me, and we ain't got any of those here....I swear some of these people are... aiy.. and it was the same guy who made that remark about having to enter your username and password to leave a comment in our IACT303 presentation on Saturday.. I think he hates my guts for making the class laugh at his expense. Would've made them laugh harder if I asked him if he was the type who loves receiving spam in his mailbox.

:: shakes head ::

Just need to submit the report for IACT302 and a report for Internet Marketing; then it's time to study for finals. Good thing for Marketing it's not the entire book we have to study, rather chapters 7 through 14. I'm quite confident there. Gotta review Systems Analysis a bit more... okay with Business Networking and Web-Design....will screw C++ again I bet...

Been thinking about starting a Creative Writers Group in uni, because I need to refresh my creative juices again.. the need to write something creative is coming back and it's getting harder to resist it...Ma'chello coerced me into showing 'er an ancient SK fic...says she likes it thus far, but is yet to finish it, as I tend to get longwinded and end up with 30-40 A4 pages of writing per plot.. which is fine... means I can write mean books if the storyline holds out and keeps the reader's interest ^^

But I've gotta try Stargate fan fiction, still got troubly coming out with a plot line that would work. Need to give it more thought...(watch me do that instead of studying for my finals now... 's what used to happen in high school...)

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