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Well I'm tinkering with PHP, since SGO (the Website, not the forums; although the forums deal with PHP as well but on a slightly different angle though) deals with it, and since I co-own the website, I may as well learn the language and tinker with the webpages here and there... Already updated the main page (ok I was asked by David after I edited I thought it'd be a good idea that I actually learn more about it ), so I checked out a book on PHP on Wednesday to learn more about things and tinker with scripts and whatnot. My manual HTML's a little rusty since it's been ages since I've done any web page building. Used to do it manually without Front Page, then got a little lazy then stopped doing it at all...bad me, I know! Someone gimme some web page building work or something!

And I've successfully transferred 200 CDs onto my Hard Disk...10 Gigs of space... :: wails:: Imma nerd! 200 Gigs of total disk space! aiye! OH well at least I don't have to worry about running out of disk space any time soon....

And I got this insane kick of learning a language or two..... maybe it's Daniel's character rubbing off on me or the influence, or I just wanna be the one to say "well I speak 23 different languages, pick one" some day. :: wide grin :: Just gotta start somewhere... so many languages to choose from! need suggestions... aiye...


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