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IRC whoopsey....

This is just too funny not to post!

* DevilWolf opens the airlock but forgets to tell everyone to hold on
[DrDanielJackson] ...
* DrDanielJackson is now known as AscendedDDJ
[AscendedDDJ] oh thanks a lot DW
[Sari] lol
* MCPT_Blair is now known as BlairAWAY
* AiolosCollege (~Aiolos@Tempus.Fugit) Quit (Killed (DevilWolf (defently Ascended now)))
[DevilWolf] opps wrong person
* DevilWolf hides
* BlairAWAY is away, webslinging (Spiderman, Spiderman/Does whatever a spider can!)
[AscendedDDJ] ...
[FECash] lol
* DevilWolf points to Sari ... "She did it"
[AscendedDDJ] :: bursts laughing out loud::
* Disconnected
* Attempting to rejoin channel #bravofleet
[BarTender] Welcome to #bravofleet, AscendedDDJ! How's life treating you? (You are the 20387th person to join #bravofleet! **Counter started 7/19/04**)
[DevilWolf] wb
[AscendedDDJ] ROFL...
[AscendedDDJ] suppose you think it's funny DW....
[Sari] lol
* DevilWolf thinks Andy is gonna have a right moan when he gets back
[AscendedDDJ] mean picking on people who can't pick back on you
[DevilWolf] i think its helarious
[Ro_Wolfe] !Ro's awakeness-o-meter
[BarTender] Barely alive, eyes still unfocused
[DrDanielJackson] LOL
[Ro_Wolfe] !DrDanielJackson 's awakeness-o-meter
[BarTender] say Caffiene levels dangerously low..ascendence imminent.
[DrDanielJackson] !DrDanielJackson's awakeness-o-meter
[BarTender] Ascendence Imminent - stand back please.

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