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Morning stuff and IRC lunacy

Well I can safely say this is the first time in quite some time I've slept like a log... and slept until 0700 instead of until 0500 ...

Um.. yeah.. sore throat's gone to a cold it seems...blocked nose, etc...argh...

Some morning IRC lunacy...
* hitpoint eats the Donut
[Donut] HEY!
* Donut is now known as FG
[hitpoint] ;)
[hitpoint] good Donut
* hitpoint glazes FG
[DrDanielJackson] ... you people are weird...
[hitpoint] wait... that just s.......
[hitpoint] nevermind
[FG] Mmmmmmm... glaze...
[Reno-Reins] we're weird?
[Reno-Reins] thats helluva remark coming from you, ascended one =P
[DrDanielJackson] Riiight
I gotta post the ones from day before yesterday, where I kept getting booted out and they kept making ascended/descended gags....

Now I'm off to uni..

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