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Aiy.. Virgin just got back to me with news on my Nomad... apparently it's a hardware issue, one that can't be fixed by them, so they're giving me a replacement (with a guarantee) and all the bits and pieces. 30Gigs, removable battery, etc etc...which is rather nice...gonna try picking it up today... and I hear Live Aid's out on DVD, but the price's like $200 bucks... :: twitch :: and I'm still waiting on that Bon Jovi 10000000 Fans Can't be Wrong 4CD+1DVD package to come out here... if that's happening at all that is... :: siiigh ::

Not going to chorus practice today nor to the concert tomorrow... :: face fault :: gotta keep my throat safe, otherwise.. yeah.. sore throat, no fun... even with countless cups of hot liquid and with honey and lemon...still find myself clearing my throat, coughing and all that.. albeit my nose's no longer running.. I caught that.. ^^

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