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Ma'chello!!! this is all YOUR FAULT! you asked me that today! :: dying:: and of course… Kris thanks for the visuals there! :: still dying, yes::

The Doc 6/12/200 9:39 PM LOL

actually had a friend ask me whether they installed an escalator or an elevator for Daniel there, the number of times he keeps dying

KristenSK 6/12/200 9:41 PM ::DEAD!::

And, a revolving door when he gets to the top of whichever it is.

[Daniel] ::goes in door, waves to secretary as she holds up the usual paper, which he doesn't bother to read because he knows the whole spiel about how he's returning to the living world yaddayadda, and then continues on around the door's circular path, coming back out again and heading for the escalator::

The Doc 6/12/200 9:44 PM ::DIES@image::

[Daniel] :: it's the coffee... can't stay away:: I'll be back in... 20 minutes...depending on how things are going on down there.....

The Doc 6/12/200 9:51 PM [Daniel] :: 'freshly' killed, walks in, high fives all the big dudes in there, waves to people, yadda yadda, go back through revolving door and down the escalator ::

KristenSK 6/12/200 9:51 PM ::DEADDEAD!::

The Doc 6/12/200 9:52 PM [Guys up there] :: all take bets on when he's gonna come back again::
[Guy1] 10 bucks on him coming back in the next 2 minutes
[Guy2] 100 on him coming back in 20

KristenSK 6/12/200 9:53 PM [Daniel] ::is getting really tired of people asking him to memorize and relay messages to dead loved ones too... honestly, it's not like he's there long enough to even find these people, let alone read off a ten page letter to them::


The Doc 6/12/200 10:06 PM ::snikker:: [Daniel] :: even has a "reserved for Daniel Jackson" sign on that revolving door there::
:: still dying at the scene:: oooh.. FIC IDEA?! Maybe! :: big grin ::

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