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This is where I really hate my 'I'm different from the rest of ya' characteristic...we have to do a report and a presentation for ECTE291; I wanted to pick something other than e-business, security in e-banking and similar stuff like that (which is what everyone's doing).. so I picked "vBulletin forum Administration/maintenance" (those who know me on TMA or SGO; don't laugh or I'll do something mean to you.. :P ) hey it's a unique topic!

Basically I'll focus on the human aspects of Administering a vB board... so it's sorta ethics/human behaviour mixed with computer science. No idea how I'm going to do a presentation on that.... eh heh.. I'll probably demonstrate the vBulletin options or something like that... as well as explain what's good and what's not in terms of security (ie you gotta log out and delete the cookies every time you use the Admin CP on a public computer otherwise some twit who hates your guts will delete the forums or something)

One thing for sure.. I got myself in hot water by choosing a rather unique topic. Not that I mind, but I'll have to dig up some great sources to take information from. D'oh.


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