Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

Couple of Stargate related memes...

Stargate Bedroom Twister by tayryn
Playing with...Daniel Jackson
Your right hand their hair.
While their left hand is...behind your right knee.
Your lips are...on their lips.
And their lips are...kissing a trail down your body.
When all is pull out a can of whip cream and add a new dimension to the game.
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Whoa, Danny!
The Stargate guys first impressions of you by kestrill
Jack O Neilthought you looked cool
Tealcthought you would be a formidable opponent
Daniel Jacksonwanted to invite you to diner
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What Is YOUR Stargate Christmas Pressie?
by schrodinga
FromDaniel Jackson
Your GiftA Worthless Artifact
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:: DIES!::
Which Stargate SG-1 System Lord Do You Serve? by lyradoyle
System LordOsiris
Why?You crave power.
How Do You Die?Daniel "accidentally" pushes the wrong button.
Which Member of SG-1 Do You Torture?Elvis ...wait a minute...
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:: dies!:: Gee.. THANKS Daniel! Thanks a bunch...

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