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Now wishing I had a hand device to shut the people up in the labs..or a zat'nik'tel... it's like they're...DEAF.... and of course most of them aren't working... playing Java games and watching porn in the corners of the room... :: shaaakes head:: where's the uni looking..?

Though I should talk... I'm browsing forums and updating my LJ 'ere... ^^ but in my own defence, I'm not the one hogging all the badnwidth >.<

Day off on Thursday and Saturday.. National day. 2nd December...but those days are most likely going to be spent in finishing up reports/assignments and a presentation on Next Generation Networks.. I think I finally have enough information to present on...although it's not for a few more weeks.. I want to get most of the stuff outta the way now (or at least most of the stuff as fully finished as possible to this stage)

December is quite a busy month for the chorus as well.. I'd like to be there for most performances if I can...

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