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Kathy singled me out today at the rehearsal...not in a bad way...she was like "you know that short red head that's hiding on the back row all the time? well she's actually been quite busy lately" (I'm not hiding, it just looks that way ^^) she went on to say the stuff I've done for Ops and the chorus recently... they've been working on an inventory for about 5 years, I've done it in a few months, now granted it's not fully completed, but at least we got an idea of what the chorus owns, where it's at and stuff like that all organized in sections. and she announced that I'm working on the website....*and* she announced that yesterday was my 21st Birthday ^^ entire chorus sung "Happy Birthday" to me...that was quite nice there...very nice indeed! (and Yeah I'm the youngest member there...)

And ooh there's a version of MSN Messenger in Web format (such as ICQ2Go, AIM Express) which actually WORKS on my computer at home...

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