Jessie (jessiesk) wrote,

SG1 Season 7

Rocks so far! I love the dialogue!

Daniel: "Jack?"
Jack: "What's your situation?"
Daniel: "I'm hiding. What's yours?"
Jack: "Carter and I are on the planet."
Daniel: "You're gonna have to be a little more specific, Jack. I haven't had a chance to look out a window lately."
Jack: "You're hovering over Jonas's homeworld."
Daniel: "Why?"
Jack: "I wish I knew. Are you in any...immediate danger?"
Daniel: "Ah, depends on what you mean by "immediate"."
Jack: "Daniel..."
Daniel: "I'm fine. I got a location on Jonas's cell from the ship's computer. I'm on my way there right now. I've just got a...couple of problems."
Jack: "Like what?"
Daniel: "Well, I'm not sure how to shut off the force field protecting his cell yet."
Jack: "You said a couple?"
Daniel: "Yeah, actually, I'm a little lost at the moment. And I've only got about, uh, three hours left before the Tok'ra Isotope wears off and I'm visible to the ship's sensors."
Jack: "So, business as usual then, huh?"
Daniel: "I don't know. Is it?"
Jack: "Yes, we do this kind of thing all the time."
Daniel: "Oh, well, good. That's- that's comforting, then."
Jonas: "Look, it we get out of this, uh..."
Daniel: "Oh, you can keep the office..."
Jonas: "Actually, I was talking about SG-1."
Daniel: " took the position because you felt guilty about what happened to me and you thought you could make up for it by finishing my work and now that I'm back you..."
Jonas: "Don't get me wrong, I love the job."
Daniel: "Well, yeah, who could argue? I mean, lousy hours, constant peril."
Jonas: "On the bright get to travel a lot."
Daniel: "You're very up."
Daniel: "It's not that I mind...rejoining SG-1 and exploring the galaxy, meeting new cultures, jeopardy, saving the world, that kind of thing ... we get paid for this, right?"
Hammond: "But he can't be more than 15 years old. Are you saying Colonel O'Neill has, somehow, regressed more than 30 years overnight?"
Daniel: "Stranger things have happened ... "
Teal'c: "Name but one."
Daniel: "Well, there was the time he got really old, the time he became a caveman, the time we all swapped bodies ... "
Hammond: (holding up his hand) "Why don't we move on to the testing portion of this exercise?"
Loki: "No, no, no ... this is all wrong."
Jack: "Hey!" (Jack walks over to stand beside Carter at the Asgard's side) "I'll tell you what's wrong. I just woke up, haven't had coffee, let alone a pee in seven days ... and I find out you stole my ass and made a ... mini me."

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