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Whoa.. found my ancient SK fan fics... Different fics, ranging from 25 to 42 pages long...a series of sorts, actually... each story follows up one before... Boy did I used to write a lot in 2000.... :: Twitch :: ranging from 8000 to about 15000 words per fic...and that's just the few I found, I know I had a bunch more somewhere... about getting carried away!

  • Update!

    Yeah, Jess lives. if you can call it that, that is. One more week then I'll probably shine a li'll light on what's been up and down and around in…

  • Playing with Photoshop in class

    Ahem... like a li'll 2 year old kid eh? "yay i can use Photoshop and do simple stuff"

  • Photoshop Smiley

    OKay it's no masterpiece, but:

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