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Stargatin' accross the universe....

Mom seems to find Stargate weird... came in with me watching the DVDs today and was like "who's that weirdo" ? surprised she doesn't recognize Michael Shanks, considering I had wallpaper with him on it, as well as a few cards hanging in my workarea....go figure.... she's not much for aliens tho'...finds it really freaky I watch shows like that... hmmm? why...? No idea...

Anyways... last days of so-called vacation (Ive yet to finish up a few assignments, I should probably do that tomorrow....) so I watched a few more DVDs with audio commentaries... gone back to season 4 actually, started from the beginning...Small Victories, etc....

Had myself a wee bit of a marathon there...course it's not always a good thing... not when you got work to do, but right now it's kinda... last few days, then it's back to studying until end of December/January, I won't have time to watch any Stargate then because most of the major assignments are due within the next four weeks...and with five subjects I'm taking..yeah....

So here's my thought... why'd I wait until Wednesday to watch Stargate? why not watch it from say.. Saturday? :: slaps self :: oh well....

And how is it I recall lines from the show even after I've seen an episode once or twice before? and a long time ago at that? O_O; wish I had that kinda memory for my college stuff! ^__^ wouldn't have to keep reading the text books five times over and then going "durrr...what?"

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